IMG_20160513_124158One Research Assistant (RA) Position Opening at Summer 2016

Applications are invited for one Research Assistant position in the Advanced Energy Conversion Lab at The University of Akron, beginning at Summer 2016. Research area will be primarily related to following field:

  • Electric motor control
  • Machine design & Ansys FEA analysis
  • Fault diagnosis with strong mathematical background related to wireless communication, optimization, signal processing, and detection & estimation

The Electrical Engineering Department is equipped with advanced power electronics lab, high power test benches, renewable energy, and hybrid/electric vehicle test facilities. The engineering program in The University of Akron is one of the most fast growing academic programs in the USA.   Successful candidates should have or will receive a MS degree in Power electronics program at the time of admission, years of experience in industry, and should be eligible to enroll the Ph.D. program in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at The University of Akron. Scholarship will include full tuition coverage and stipend.

Interested individuals should apply to The University of Akron for spring semester 2015. Also, please send me resume with MS thesis title, publications, and related experience in the field.

Email address: schoi@uakron.edu

Homepage: http://blogs.uakron.edu/aecl/





Professional Interests:                       

  • Clean and renewable energy conversion system
  • Hybrid/Electric vehicular technology
  • Health monitoring / diagnosis system
  • High voltage power electronics / compact pulsed power
  • Advanced power electronics / motor drive / electric machine design