Great Lakes Biomimicry


To create conditions for innovation through biomimicry.


Educationally driven regional economic development through place-based innovation inspired and time-tested by nature.

In Northeast Ohio, GLBio seeks to establish:

  • Pre-Kindergarten–12–College–Ph.D. educational consortia, to offer the world’s only integrated biomimicry education system, generating talent to fuel NEO as the center of a biomimetic world
  • Professional and business track biomimetic education processes, to bring the lens of biomimicry, an additional tool to solve human and organizational problems, to NEO corporations and organizations, through a specialized Innovation Services Consultancy
  • Biomimetic development and attraction organization, to develop an open innovation network, which includes regional university technology transfer partnerships, corporations and educational sponsors, to establish and expand ideas originating in NEO involving biomimetic solutions
  • A Research Innovation Center and network to establish NEO as the global application center of biomimetic thinking, regarding economic development

For more information:

Please contact Carol Thaler at 440.667.3341 or visit the GLBio website.
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