BRIC is pleased to announce three student fellowships, listed below. These fellowships provide a great opportunity for a student to make a difference while completing a graduate degree.

If you are interested in learning lessons from nature and having an opportunity to apply those lessons to solve real world problems, please apply!

Corporate Biomimicry Fellowships

Corporate Biomimicry Fellows will be active in the R&D or organization of the sponsor bringing biomimicry as a new tool for innovation and problem solving.

Current fellowships available include:

NASA: Glenn Research Center

NASA’s Glenn Research Center is proud to sponsor 2 Bio-inspired Research and Development (BIRD) Fellowships for PhD-seeking graduate students through the University of Akron’s Integrated Bioscience PhD Program in collaboration with Great Lakes Biomimicry (GLBio). The fellowship period begins in August 2017 and is renewable annually based on performance assessments based on mutually agreed upon standards.

The field of biomimicry offers application opportunities in a variety of disciplines including chemistry, chemical, mechanical and aerospace engineering, polymer science, and biology.

We are looking for a highly motivated student who is interested in the field of biomimicry and its application to solve real world problems in the aerospace industry. The position will be sponsored by NASA’s Glenn Research (GRC) in Cleveland, Ohio, and the successful applicant will interact with collaborating scientists and engineers at NASA and The University of Akron, and will work at GRC, supervised by a NASA scientist.

The focus areas of interest to NASA include:



For more information about NASA GRC, please visit our website.

Biomimicry Fellowships in K12 schools

Biomimicry Fellows in K12 schools will pursue their graduate research in Biomimicry and spend 16-20 hours per week partnered with a teacher to bring Biomimicry into the K12 classroom.

Our program uses a teacher-fellow model developed and perfected through previous support from the National Science Foundation’s GK-12 program.

No Fellowships in K12 Schools are currently available.

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Please contact Peter H. Niewiarowski, Director of Biomimicry Fellowships, for more information on applying.

Applications are reviewed continuously, and the fellowship will be awarded ASAP to highly qualified candidates. Inquire or Apply today!

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