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IT Career Camp Provides Laptop Computers for Participants

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

CITe in conjunction with Project Grad Akron provided a dynamic and enjoyable educational opportunity for Buchtel High School students called IT Career Camp held during the week of June 7-11. The week-long summer camp program provided students with a glimpse into the exciting world of information technology. The students  participated in a robot building, programming, and racing competiton provided by NASA. The second day of the program encompassed a discussion about computer hacking and viruses, conducted by Tom Headman of Antares,  followed by an outstanding afternoon field trip to the Smuckers Corporation where the students learned about business processes by outlining the steps involved in making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The third day of the program began with a hands-on demo provided by Microsoft Corporation regarding the new Photosynth program used in making panoramic photos. The students took pictures around campus and then created panoramic photos using this exciting and innovative new tool. Later, Scott Jobe from VM Ware provided the students a hands-on opportunity to create a G-Mail account, utilize Google Docs, create RSS links, and start a DropBox account. The fourth day of the program encompassed a demonstration on how to build a web page followed by an IT careers discussion led by Anthony Jakab, a former student. Later, the students visited the Akron Business Accelerator and enjoyed presentations by Knotice and Summit Data Systems. The students were able to interact with the staff of both firms and pose questions. The final day of the program consisted of the students developing a power point to be used in an afternoon presentation to the CITe board and a discussion about social media conducted by Susan Burton Lowry of Square One Consulting.

After the student presentations to the CITe board, the students received the laptop computers that they used throughout the week as gifts for their participation in the program. Initial shock and disbelief among the students gave way to tears of joy and celebration as the students absorbed the magnitude of the gift. IT Career Camp was an outstanding week-long event sure to provide lasting memories for all participants and staff.