Accelerating our Momentum

The first decade of this new century witnessed important and exciting advances for The University of Akron: dramatic increases in research funding, enrollment and fundraising; continued recognition for our catalytic economic development role in the region; and, a physical transformation of the campus to provide exceptional scholarship and learning opportunities for our students.

The Board, administration, faculty and staff have collectively advanced the Akron Model for higher education. In doing so we have erased many artificial boundaries within our region, and linked community, industry, government and university in mutually beneficial collaborations and partnerships. We have facilitated greater interactions to develop and commercialize innovations. We have collaborated with disparate groups and companies to revitalize the neighborhoods adjacent to our University. We have networked resources and personnel to advance science, technology, engineering and mathematics education for our youth.

Now we press our efforts further.

In the second decade of this century, the University is applying the guiding principles of relevance, connectivity and productivity that proved so successful in the Akron Model as the foundation for a new strategic plan and as the basis for a new and extraordinary Akron Experience. We seek to energize and ignite individual student success by networking our students with the greater community, by leveraging the collective power of our 158,000 alumni, and by calling upon all members of our University community to align themselves with this overarching goal.

We can and we will invent the futureā€¦one individual at a time, and together as a community.

Richard W. Pogue

Board of Trustees

Luis M. Proenza

The University of Akron