Year in Review


In 2012, The University of Akron announced the creation of the Achieving Distinction program: a long-term, groundbreaking initiative to invest $2 million annually to support faculty research and teaching projects focused on regional solutions, health care and medicine, the human condition, and innovative technologies. Two critical aspects of this strategy are: 1) the creation, enhancement and advancement of partnerships with external parties, i.e., business, government and the community; and 2) all projects must be interdisciplinary, with participation by faculty from multiple colleges. In September 2012, the program’s first winning proposals were announced. One is a biomimicry research and innovation initiative that accesses the resources of four science, engineering and art units to drive sustainable innovation in technologies inspired by the natural world. The second combines two synergistic proposals that focus on innovation and entrepreneurship to support the pace of commercialization of UA-based technologies and further cement the good work of the University of Akron Research Foundation, thus enhancing regional innovation and economic development.