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The Akron Experience

What is The Akron Experience?

Vision 2020 launched The Akron Experience initiative, an ambitious and far-reaching endeavor that requires the collective effort and will of the entire campus community. The Akron Experience is a broad-based, dynamic program to enhance personalized service for each student and to extend and enrich students’ relationships with the University as they progress from prospects to students to graduates to alumni. Today, the Akron Experience seeks to individually benefit almost 29,000 students by calling upon every member of the University community to assist in the accomplishment of this initiative.

The Akron Experience draws upon all of the University’s extraordinary resources, as well as those of its business partners and communities, to create a personalized path for each student. It begins with a student’s first day on campus and continues throughout a lifetime of achievement. We are guided in this effort by a passionate commitment to each student. Faculty and staff are dedicated to helping students find their own way, and to progress steadily to degree completion.

The Akron Experience looks beyond the college years by linking learning in the classroom and research labs with career-related opportunities. Students learn real-world, problem-solving skills that not only ensure academic achievement, but also enhance personal and professional success as well. We encourage students to broaden their horizons as they prepare for careers or for advanced degrees.

Finally, the Akron Experience produces community and business leaders, innovators, job creators, civic contributors and alumni who engage with their alma mater.

In time, the Akron Experience will become a self-perpetuating cycle, as those who benefit from it will help a new generation of students begin their journeys of success.