Self-Registration Available for Orientation!

Good news! Self-registration is now available for the Diving Into Online Learning – Student Orientation in Springboard. If you are thinking of taking an online course at The University of Akron, this orientation will help you gain some valuable tips for how to succeed in online courses. It will also give you some great resources and tell you about some often overlooked features of Springboard that can help you succeed. Have you used the Pulse app (available for iOS and Android) for example? How about the Binder app? Do you know about Release conditions? Respondus Monitor? WebEx? Finally, do you know about all of the student services that are available to UA students taking an online course? Did you know that you can submit drafts of your papers electronically to qualified writing tutors who will provide expert feedback on your writing mechanics and formatting?

In some cases, you may be required to complete this orientation before you can enroll in an online course. Once you complete the orientation, you will be given an Award that you can add to your Profile in Springboard. Your instructors can view this Award to determine if you completed the orientation. Once you complete the orientation and earn your Award, you will not be asked to complete it again.

Ready to get started?  To self-register, complete the following steps:

  1. Login to Springboard using your UANET ID and password (or you can select Springboard from MyAkron).
  2. Select the Self Registration option from the Student Resources menu.selfregistration
  3. Select the Diving into Online Learning – Student Orientation
  4. Click Register.
  5. Confirm your First Name, Last Name, and Email.
  6. Enter your UANet ID.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Click Finish.
  9. Click Go to course offering Diving into Online Learning – Student Orientation.self_registration_gotocourse
  10. Follow the directions in the first announcement on the course home page to get started.

Important note: If you run into any technical issues, contact the IT HelpDesk at ‘’ or 330-972-6888.



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Springboard Reference Material for Faculty

Do you have questions about Springboard? Would you like to add a video to your course? Change the way your gradebook is calculated? Look to these Springboard guides for answers! 

These guides provide many step-by-step instructions that will help you create and manage the course material you would like to put on Springboard. The “cheat sheet” provides a quick reference for the guides; topics are listed in alphabetical order and tell you which page in which guide to reference.

These guides can be a helpful resource to keep on hand for reference – or you could skim through them and refresh in your mind the many things Springboard is capable of handling!

Springboard Guide Topic “Cheat Sheet”

Springboard Guide – Introduction

Springboard Guide – Intermediate

Springboard Guide – Advanced

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Starting Respondus LockDown Browser just got easier!

We have some great news for instructors and students who are using Respondus LockDown Browser with Springboard. Over the past few weeks, we have been receiving questions about how to download Respondus LockDown Browser, and how to start it up.

What we have determined is that the startup sequence for Respondus LockDown Browser / Monitor can vary greatly from course to course. Some students will navigate to the quiz from the Content area, some from the Quiz tool, some from the notifications at the top of their screen, and some from direct links that instructors have placed elsewhere in the course. This variability is causing some issues when attempting to troubleshoot with students.

Respondus has recommended that we adopt “Respondus Auto-Launch”, which helps students navigate into their quiz faster and with less technical problems.

Q: What does this mean for you and your class?
A: Nothing changes with the settings of your quizzes or exams. The only difference will be that students will be able to navigate to your quiz using any web browser they like, and can launch Respondus LockDown Browser directly from the quiz instructions screen.



Q: Will it look any different?
A: The only change will be that the Start Quiz! button is replaced with a “Launch LockDown Browser” button. The system will check to see if LockDown Browser is installed, and if it is, the software will launch and students will be directed right back to Springboard. The Start Quiz! Button will then appear so long as they are in LockDown Browser.


If the software is not installed, students are then prompted to install it and attempt to launch it once more.


Q: Why make this change now?
A: We have had numerous tickets come in regarding where to find LockDown Browser and how to install it, in addition to an issue with webcams launching properly. Using Auto-launch provides a simple way for students to get to the software, and not have to go find the software on their computer or on their desktop.

Q: What do I have to communicate to my students?
A: Tell them to navigate to the quiz the way they normally would. When they get to the instructions screen before they start the quiz, they will be prompted to launch LockDown Browser or install it. That’s it!

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Introducing the Pulse App for Springboard


Brightspace Pulse is the new mobile app for students that will help you find out what’s new and what’s next. Pulse will help you manage your workload and stay connected to news and grades on your mobile device. With one quick view, you can look at your courses to see what readings, assignments and tests are coming up. You can even add your own personal calendar items. In addition, with news and grade notifications, you will always be connected to the latest updates. Getting started is simple. After you install the Brightspace Pulse app, search for The University of Akron and use your UANet ID and password to login. No separate accounts to manage, no extra hoops to get started.

Watch the Pulse video to get a peek at the new Pulse app:

Available via:



Although Brightspace Pulse is designed for students, instructors benefit too. By enabling students to stay connected and on track, instructors can spend less time reminding and more time teaching. We know many instructors update their course calendar with due dates to help pace their students through the coursework, readings, assignments and scheduled tests and exams. Your students will receive even more benefit from this effort as their Brightspace Pulse mobile app will be populated with this information.

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Trouble Reading or Starting Threads in Discussions

We have seen issues where you are unable to read all of the posts in discussions or you are unable to start a new thread. This is caused when someone copies and pastes their response into a post, and without realizing it, includes some erroneous code. It can be hard to track down the code since it is invisible when you view the post (without switching to the HTML code view). The good news is that there is an easy solution. These posts only cause a problem in Reading view. If you switch to Grid view, you will still be able to read all of the posts and start new threads. To switch to grid view:

  1. Click on Discussions.
  2. Find the settings Settings menu on the far right under the My Tools menu.
  3. Change the Default View to Grid View.
  4. Click Save.

Here’s a screenshot:


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How to Replace a Content File in Springboard

There is an easy tool that let’s you replace a file in Springboard. This is useful because this will retain all the restrictions and settings you had for the original file.

One helpful way to use this is to replace your Syllabus every semester.

How to Replace a Content File in Springboard

  1. Log into your Springboard course and navigate to the Content page.
  2. Next to the file you want to replace, click the drop down arrow and choose Change File.change file 1
  3. Click on Upload.
    change file 2
  4. Locate the file on your computer that you want to upload.
  5.  You will see the file uploaded to Springboard. If it’s a major edit and you want students to know that you updated the file, click the check box that says “Notify students that the content has changed.
    change file 3
  6. When you are finished, click Update.
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How to find the link to your WebEx personal room

Your WebEx personal room is a quick way for anyone to meet you in WebEx. Unlike scheduled meetings, the URL is always the same. Because of this, you can give someone the link to your personal room and it will always connect them to the right place. Because of this, it is an excellent option to use for office hours or to quickly meet with a student.

You can copy and paste this link into your email signature, add it to a widget in your Springboard classroom, or share it anywhere else for easy access.

How to Find the Link to your WebEx Personal Room

  1. Log in to the WebEx. You can do this at:
  2. If it doesn’t automatically log you in, click Log In on the right.
  3. On the yellow navigation bar, click on My WebEx.
  4. Below your name and the Start Meeting button, click on More Ways to Join.
  5. The URL for your personal room is under the heading (Your Name)’s Personal Room. ""
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Springboard 10.6 FAQs for Instructors

Now that we have upgraded Springboard, there are some frequently asked questions that have been popping up.

  1. How can I view my course as a student?
  2. How can I change the courses that display in my favorites?
  3. How can I set the classic homepage as my default?
  4. How can I get the course setup checklist back if I deleted it?  (response coming soon)
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How to Change Your Default Homepage

With the upgrade to version 10.6, you can now choose between the Personal Dashboard and the Classic Homepage.  The good news is that you can also choose which one you would like to set as your default. You can always switch to the other view as needed.  To set your preferred homepage, do the following:

  1. Click the Settings option above your profile on the Personal Dashboard.

    Settings for Homepage

    Settings for Homepage

  2. Select either Classic Homepage or Personal Dashboard from the Default Homepage menu.
Default homepage menu

Default homepage menu

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How to Favorite a Course (Springboard 10.6 FAQ)

The new Personal Dashboard in Springboard 10.6 lists your courses in 2 views. The visual course listing at the top of your screen enables you to quickly and easily open the main courses you are currently using. The rest of your courses will be linked below this in a searchable list. To move courses into or out of your visual course listing, you will need to select the courses that you want to Favorite. In the example shown below, Zippy has Favorited two courses.

How to Favorite a Course

How to Favorite a Course

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