Instructors: Bonus Grade Items in Springboard

With the deadline for submitting final grades approaching, we know that a lot of instructors are making sure that all of the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed in their Springboard gradebooks. One issue that has come up a few times has to do with bonus grade items; namely, that bonus items are not calculating properly into the final grade.

Most often, this issue is caused by a category that containsonly bonus items. Without a non-bonus item in a category, these items will not calculate properly into the final grade. The easiest way to correct this issue is to perform the following steps –

  1. Select Grades.
  2. Select Manage Grades.
  3. Select the bonus grade item to edit.
  4. Select None from the Category dropdown menu.
  5. Select Save.

Once each bonus item has been removed from the category containing only bonus items, they should calculate as expected.

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