Introducing Springback Posts

Springback posts will be used to provide reminders of Springboard features that may have been hidden or forgotten. With the guides in these posts, Springboard will have a more understandable makeover.

As an instructor, you may have the desire to hide some of the features displayed to students in the Grades section of Springboard.

Within the Grade tab, you will find the Display Options button below your user list options.

The default option for this window will show all grades, a final calculated grade and a final adjusted grade. If there are grades or calculations that you would prefer to hide, checking the box(es) in this window allows customization.

Once you have unchecked the desired boxes, be sure to save your changes.

As the example below shows, the provided grade details will be changed accordingly.

Springback posts will continue to present these hidden features within Springboard that provide unknown luxuries to your experience.

Megan Clark
Graduate Assistant|Design and Development Services

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