Springboard 10.1

With Springboard v10 already launched onto the test server, Springboard 10.1 will expand on these changes a bit more. Improvements are being made to the following tools:

  • Content revamp
  • Drag and drop file upload
  • Class progress

The Content Tab now includes a section called the Course Overview

With the Course Overview, students will be directed to this page when choosing the content tab for the the first time in a Springboard course. This section is the ideal place to post an introduction and syllabus for your course. The Table of Contents tab now allows for easier navigation throughout an entire course. Selecting modules within the Table of Contents will lead you directly to the content within, as well as the modules and information placed in these base modules. The collapse/expand icon next to each module allows the control of what content details are displayed.

The ability to Drag and Drop files for uploading purposes can be found throughout version 10.1. Rather than the traditional attachment method, in 10.1, you can now grab the files you need and simply drag them to their intended area. Along with this feature, supported files such as .doc, .docx, .pdf, secure .pdfs, google docs, .ppt, .pptx, and .pps, have the ability to be viewed within the Inline Document Viewer.

 To review student activity and success, with the release of 10.1, the option to review an entire class or a single student’s progress is now an option through the User Progress screen. To enter this mode from your selected course, select the Edit Course option, found directly below the minibar of your homepage.

Once this option has been selected, the Course Administration screen will pop up. Next, choose the View User Progress under the Learner Management section.

The Class Progress screen will now be displayed for the entire classlist. From here, by selecting a User’s Name, you are able to drill down further into a student’s progress. These features will provide the details that can describe when a student may seem to be slipping and why.

As a reminder, these features are available to test out on the Springboard test server at http://springboardtest.uakron.edu/

Megan Clark
Graduate Assistant | Design & Development Services

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