Springboard v.10 On The Way

With the update to Springboard coming soon, information will now be provided in two ways. Here, on the Springboard blog, we will continue to provide updates with new information about Springboard 10. Also, we have added a Springboard 10 page to our website.

All UA faculty have access to the Springboard test environment. Use your UAnet ID and password to log into http://springboardtest.uakron.edu. If you want to try the test server off campus, it will require VPN access.

If you’re interested in testing how your own courses will work within version 10, send an email to springboardhelp@uakron.edu.

As the launch date for Springboard draws near, continue to check both of these sources for more information as well as how you can contact us for more information.

Megan Clark
Graduate Assistant|Design and Development Services

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5 Responses to Springboard v.10 On The Way

  1. Matt says:

    Are there any plans to integrate the springboard calendar with students Google calendars? > This would be awesome in aiding students in keeping track of deadlines and exam dates ( i.e. can set reminders pushed to smartphone that sync’s with google calendar, etc. )

    • Justin says:

      I agree! As a current student, it would be a tremendous help to push deadlines to Google calendar. All students have gmail accounts and many use the calendar function, so there is certainly an audience for this type of implementation. Like Matt, I’m also curious to hear if there are any plans for this type of integration.

      • ajb40 says:

        Hi Matt and Justin, thank you for your comments! It actually is possible with the current version of Springboard to subscribe to your course calendars through Google Calendar using an iCal feed. There is a brief tutorial posted here (scroll to the bottom of the page): http://help.d2l.arizona.edu/instructors/calendar, but we’re planning a blog post or two on ‘hidden’ features in Springboard. This certainly fits the bill, so keep on eye on the blog for a more in-depth explanation on iCal feeds from Springboard!

  2. Connie Chronister says:

    The VPN will not work with Windows 8 – any suggestions?

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