Taking a Tour of D2L 10.0

The new version of Springboard (D2L 10) will soon be an active part of your online environment in Spring of 2013. Once again, you have the option to test out the updates on our Springboard test system before the official launch.

New features include:

  • A new interface
  • Navigation panel changes
  • New action buttons
  • The new Minibar

A New Interface
The changes to the interface will help to make the navigation within Springboard easier to manage. Also, the new way the categories are setup will show the path of links (also known as a breadcrumb) that brought you to the current page.

Navigation Panels
With the changes made to the interface, the left panel of actions have been relocated to the top of the page in either the new Minibar or under the category options. This relocation will help guide you to the proper landing page for your needs.

Action Buttons
The introduction of drop-down menus rather than columns will group actions into categories to make changes to content easier to manage. With this new format, the action buttons will make the progression through work easily accessible.

The Minibar
With the introduction of the Minibar, the most important tools, alerts and information of Springboard will be stationed in a bar at the top of each page. Some of the main actions you can find in the Minibar include:

  • My Home
  • Select a course
  • Profile
  • Alerts
  • Notifications
  • Account Settings
  • Logout

To gain access to the test system, visit: http://springboardtest.uakron.edu/
You can also learn more about the details of these new features in PDF format:
Tour of Springboard 10
In the coming weeks, detailed descriptions, videos and guides will be posted on the Springboard blog to introduce the new features of 10.

Megan Clark
Graduate Assistant|Design and Development Services

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4 Responses to Taking a Tour of D2L 10.0

  1. Matt R says:

    Just FYI… the springboard test link is dead..

    • pmt1 says:

      Matt, thanks for the info. Springboard test is available again for your testing. Let us know if you continue to have problems accessing the site.

  2. Amy Joy says:

    Sorry, but the link wouldn’t work for me either. The updates sound exciting. I’d love to check it out.

    • pmt1 says:

      Amy, Thanks for the feedback. Were you trying to access Springboard Test from off campus? In order to access springboardtest.uakron.edu, you need to be on campus or, connected through VPN.

      I don’t know if that explains why you were unable to get access but, give it another shot. Try VPN if your at home. And, let us know if you continue to have problems connecting.

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