Adding a Poll to Springboard

If you’re interested in adding a poll to your Springboard content, Qualtrics offers a simple solution.

To start, go to

If you have used Qualtrics before, login. If not, create an account with your UAnet ID information.

  1. From the homepage, choose the Polls tab from the navigation panel.
  2. Next, choose to Create Poll.
  3. To create the poll, select the title of the poll.
  4. From here, select the Edit button to change the title of the poll, create questions and the answers.
  5. Once you have updated each section of the poll, click the save changes button.
  6. A preview of your poll will appear. Once you are satisfied with the layout, it’s time to add the poll to Springboard. Click the green Add This Poll to Your Website button.
  7. A window will appear with the code for you poll. Highlight all of this text and copy.
  8. To add your poll into Springboard, choose the module within your content that the poll will be placed in.
    Select the HTML Source Editor button.
  9. Within the HTML Source Editor window, find the empty space in between the two <body> phrases.
  10. First, type out the desired prompt students will see above the poll. Next hit the return key and paste the code you’ve copied over from Qualtrics. Finally, hit the save button to insert the poll into your content.
  11. Your content will now show the prompt you’ve chosen, and what appears to be an empty space. This empty space is holding the poll and will be visible once you publish the content.
  12. Once published, the Qualtrics poll will appear and become visible to students.
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