Adding Videos with the Insert Stuff Option

Within your course, you may have the desire to insert a video link with viewing instructions and/or questions. Other than the option to insert a link (to be played in another window), you may consider the ability to insert or embed a video from YouTube and other sources.

To start, choose the location in your content where you would like to add the video.

From here, choose the edit button to open the content editor.

While in edit mode, find the button Insert Stuff. By choosing this button, a window will appear, providing different media options.

The two options to pay attention to are YouTube and Enter Embed Code.

When using the YouTube option, a search bar will appear for searching inside the Insert Stuff screen. Once you have selected a video, click the Next button to continue.

The Insert Stuff window will show a preview of how the video will appear in your content. Once you’re satisfied, choose to Insert the video.

If you would like to insert a video from a source other than YouTube, choose the Embed Code option. For other online sources, you can find the embed code through the share options on the video. If you would like to use a video from your computer and need to have the embed code, visit our video encoder page.

For the video example below, the share button was found in options. As you’re choosing video sources other than YouTube, the steps will be similar.

Once choosing the share button from the options menu, the embed code will appear for you to copy to your clipboard.

With the code copied to your clipboard, finish the process by pasting the code into the Enter Embed Code screen.

Once you have the embed code pasted into the box, the uploading process is the same as the YouTube steps above.

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