Tech Talk Tuesday – Alternatives to PowerPoint

Are you one of those individuals that have seen virtually every PowerPoint presentation template? We’ve all been there. You’re sitting in a meeting or a class, and the PowerPoint presentation never seems to end. There’s too much text on the screen, no graphics, too many animations and the presenter reads every word on every slide.

This is a common problem with PowerPoint. We have structured how we organize thoughts into “slides” and often, become overly reliant on effects to “enhance” our presentation. Are there alternatives to PowerPoint that offer greater flexibility and a fresh new look? Yes!

During our session “Alternatives to PowerPoint”, we will be demonstrating Prezi and SlideRocket. These two online systems are wonderful at providing a new and fresh look for your presentations. SlideRocket offers a polished and professional look that can include real-time poll data directly into your slide. This is great for class blogs or presentations that are embedded within a Springboard lesson.

For more ideas on how to use SlideRocket, check out this brief presentation:

Beginner Presentation Skills

Prezi is a a great tool to help your audience connect ideas and allows you the flexibility of presenting both online and offline. Live collaboration tools provide you with the ability to create presentations with other people in real time. Instead of slides, your presentation is created on a giant canvas where you can zoom in and zoom out to various areas. To see a great example of Prezi in action, check this out this presentation:

Getting Started with Prezi

This session is located in Leigh Hall, Room 414 at Noon on Tuesday, April 16th.

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