Bonus Grade Items in Springboard

When using bonus grade items in Springboard, there are three main things to remember:

1. Bonus items can be in a category, but there must be at least one non-bonus item in that category.

If a grade category contains only items that are bonus (and therefore have a denominator of 0), that category is excluded from the final grade calculation. There are two ways to correct this:

1) Set the category for each bonus item to None:


or 2) Place the bonus item(s) in a category that contains non-bonus items.

If a bonus item exists in a category, that category should be set so that it can exceed the maximum points.

If this option is not selected, the total score for this category will be capped at the total of the non-bonus items. For example, if a student earns 105 points out of a total 100 points possible for the category and the category is not set to Can Exceed, the student’s score would be capped at 100 points. This option can be found on the Properties tab of the grade category.


Bonus items should NOT be excluded from the final grade calculation.

When a grade item is set to be Bonus, it can only benefit students that receive the points. Students who do not receive any bonus points are not negatively impacted. Therefore, there is not a good reason for a grade item to be both bonus and excluded from the final grade calculation.


This guide can also be found here:

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