Course Introduction Videos

By Jamie Newhall,

Teaching a course online provides a wonderful learning opportunity for students who prefer the flexibility and convenience that online learning offers. One of the challenges of teaching online, however, is establishing a connection with students who do not meet with you face-to-face. A self-introduction video can help you to build connections with them.


A self-introduction video is a brief video lasting one to three minutes in which you introduce yourself to your students. We suggest including the following elements in the video:

  • a welcome to students to the course
  • your professional background
  • your teaching background
  • your interest in teaching the course
  • what you hope your students will take from the course
  • course flow
  • an invitation for open communication

Design and Development Services offers video production services free of charge and we will help you to produce an effective video of high quality. You can schedule a time at your convenience by contacting Jamie Newhall at x8290.

Here is an example of an excellent video.

Patricia Millhoff:

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