Issues Emailing from Classlist?

Have you been receiving an error when attempting to send an email through the Classlist in Springboard? Chances are, this issue is related to a change to the way that a setting in Quizzes works.

In Springboard quizzes, there is a setting available that is designed to prevent communication while a quiz is being taken. This setting originally affected sending/receiving Pager messages and receiving Alerts. However, a recent service pack expanded the setting to also include sending email through the Classlist. If you have a quiz attempt in progress on an active quiz that has this setting enabled, you won’t be able send email through the Classlist until it has been submitted or reset. Luckily, it is very easy to identify which quiz attempts are still in progress and submit them. To do this –

  1. From anywhere in Springboard, select the Updates icon (navbars_assessments_alert) from the Minibar at the top of the screen. There should be a red dot next to it.
  2. You should see the following message: “You must complete the following quizzes for alerts to be enabled”.
  3. Select the first quiz in the list.
  4. Select Continue Quiz.
  5. Complete and submit the quiz.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for each quiz in the list.

Once this process has been completed for each quiz attempt in progress, you should once again be able to send email from the Classlist and receive alerts.

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