Springboard Update

We worked with the vendor to apply emergency hotfixes to improve system performance.  Early testing suggests that the performance has improved.  We are continuing to monitor performance, but please let us know if you experience any unusual slowness or errors.  We apologize for the inconvenience the issue has caused

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7 Responses to Springboard Update

  1. Pamela Bush says:

    My Assessment of Reading Difficulties class has been on and off Springboard during this semester Spring 2013. The instructor is Dr. Theresa Duncko.

  2. Pamela Bush says:

    My class Assessment of Reading Difficulties is missing. 5500-626-610.
    Dr. T. Duncko is the instructor. It has been off and on since the semester began.

    • pmt1 says:


      We recommend contacting ZipSupport if you are still having trouble accessing your courses. You can reach them at 330-972-6888. More information on contacting support is available on the Support tab of this blog.

  3. Brittany says:

    My Springboard won’t let me take a quiz. As soon as I click “Start Quiz”, my quiz won’t load. But if I leave the page and try to take the quiz again, it says there’s a quiz in process even though I never actually got to open in!

    • ajb40 says:


      We have opened a ticket with ZipSupport on your behalf. More information on contacting support is available on the Support tab of this blog.

  4. sean cai says:

    it seems that the dropbox does not support ipad submission. is it true, can it be improved?

    • pmt1 says:

      Hi Sean, Due to the limitations of iOS, the only files you are able to upload from an iPad are images and videos that are saved in your device’s camera roll. This is not a limitation of Springboard.

      A workaround is to utilize dropbox.com or another cloud service. Dropbox and other services can provide you with a link to a file that can be added to Springboard as a Quick Link. I’ve done this with my courses in the past with good success.

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