Springboard Upgrade FAQs

As many of you continue to prepare for the beginning of spring semester in the new Springboard V10.1, there have been some more reoccurring questions that we thought we would share with you. We’d also like to remind you that there is a large cache of step-by-step guides that have been updated to reflect V10.1 that you can access via the yellow Instructor Resources tab on the Springboard login page, or at: http://www.uakron.edu/it/instructional_services/dds/springboard/springboard-resource.dot
Here are answers to a few common questions:


How to Logout

How do I log off of Springboard now?
In the new version, there is a grey mini-navbar at the very top of the page everywhere within Springboard. When you are logged into your account, you will see your name in this navbar at the upper right side. Next to your name is an arrow identifying a pull-down menu where you will see access to edit your personal profile, change your notification options, modify your account settings, and the Logoutlink.

How to Zoom in on a Page

How to Zoom in on a Page

I was viewing the content of my course and a document opened but it is too small to read. How do I make it so I can read it?

  • If it is the first time that you have accessed a Word document, or a PDF that is a part of your course content, it may display the entire page and be too small to read. At the bottom of the Springboard frame around the document, on the left side, there are two icons of magnifying glasses – one with a – sign in it, and the other with a + sign in it. These will either zoom in and enlarge the view of the document, or zoom out and make it smaller.
  • A very nice note: Once you set a document at a size that you like to read it, Springboard will remember your preference and open all of the other documents at your preferred magnification.

When I print something from Springboard, I get the whole Springboard header and menus. How do I print just a page or a document?

    • The viewing set up in Springboard V10.1 displays documents, presentations, videos, and other content directly within the Springboard system.
How to Download

How to Download

    • If you wish to print course content that is a document file type, you will find a green Download button at the lower left, and a grey Download icon at the lower right of the frame. This allows you to download the document to your computer, open it in the appropriate application, and print it.
Open in New page

How to Open Content in a New page for Printing

  • If the content that you wish to print is an HTML page, there is an icon at the top of the viewing window that allows you to open the page in a new window. From there, you can use your Print function on your computer to print out the page.
Publish or Draft

How to Hide a Page

How do I Hide a page until I am Ready?
Draft is the new standard language for any content you are developing. If you are creating a new document in Springboard, you have the option to Publish (default selection) or Save as Draft. If you choose Save as Draft, the file will be hidden until you Publish it. This option can be toggled from Publish to Draft. For items that are already posted to the course, you can simply change the setting from Published to Draft to hide a document and from Draft to Published when you are ready to post it.

How do I edit the settings for…..?

There are new convention in Springboard that many course items have a hyperlinked title and a context drop-down menu next to the item. You can click on the title of the item or the context menu to modify the item. More specifically, to edit:

How to Open the News Tool

How to Open the News Tool

  • News Items: From the course home page, choose Go to News Tool from the News tool context menu.  In the News Tool, you will see the existing news items in a list. By selecting the title of the News Item you wish to edit, you can access the recognizable edit features like Start Date, End Date, and the Text Edit box.
  • How to Edit Discussion Topics

    How to Edit Discussion Topics

    Discussions: To edit the setting for discussion forums or topics, select the Drop-down menu arrow next to the title of the forum or topic that you wish to edit. An option to Edit the item will take you to the recognizable editing functions. A new feature of Discussions allows you to the option to hide all posts within a forum until the student adds an initial post of their own. Once the student posts a response, the student can then read the posted comments of their peers.

    How to Edit a Dropbox

    How to Edit a Dropbox

  • Dropboxes: Select the Dropbox context menu arrow for the dropbox  to access the familiar editing features. If you select the title link to the dropbox itself, you will access the features to collect, read, grade, and provide feedback for the student submissions.
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