Top 5 Fusion 2013 Announcements

In July, I was fortunate to be able to attend our Springboard (D2L) vendor’s annual conference (D2L Fusion 2013).  This conference, held in Boston, was attended by over 1200 people from 19 countries.  From my perspective, here are the top 5 product announcements that I believe our students and faculty will be excited to learn more about:

  1. MyDesire2Learn is a new service available for students. By creating an account with myDesire2Learn, students can receive storage for ePortfolio materials for free. In addition, there is a simple export process that will allow you to transfer your ePortfolio from Springboard directly to myDesire2Learn.  More information is available at  Please note that this service is primarily directed towards graduating students who would like to retain their ePortfolio materials – any changes made in myDesire2Learn cannot be transferred back to Springboard for evaluation or grading purposes.  DDS will host a Tech Talk Tuesday about the ePortfolio and myDesire2Learn on October 8th.
  2. D2L launched a Product Idea Exchange within the Community. This new space will provide instructors with an opportunity to communicate feature requests, read the ideas submitted by other product users, add your comments, and vote on ideas. This is an exciting opportunity for faculty to more directly influence the future of our technology investment. Visit to read more and get started exchanging your ideas!
  3. On July 15th, 2013, Desire2Learn announced that it has acquired Wiggio.  Wiggio (stands for Working in Groups)  is a student-centric tool designed by a student, Dana Lampert, in Cornell’s eLab. Wiggio is designed to be a group tool that is managed by the students. Using Wiggio, users can:
    • Send mass messages (emails, text messages, voice notes, video notes)
    • Schedule events on a shared calendar
    • Share and edit files
    • Create polls
    • Host virtual meetings (conference calls, video chat, screen sharing, chat rooms)
    • Manage projects with tasks
    • Post messages to a news feed (a group wall similar to Facebook)
    • Receive text messages and reply via text message

    Wiggio is designed to be student-managed.  Students can send invitations to group members.  The participant has a one-click option to join the group. The participant can also opt-out of an invitation.  Read more about the Wiggio announcement here:  Available now as a standalone platform, Wiggio will be integrated in Springboard v10.3.  DDS will host a Tech Talk Tuesday about Wiggio on November 26th.

  4. Annotation support in the Assignment Grader.  Whether you are online or offline, Desire2Learn Assignment Grader provides quick and easy access to assignments allowing faculty to assess using rubrics, annotate with inline comments, and provide personalized text, audio or video feedback.  DDS will host a Tech Talk Tuesday about the Assignment Grader on October 29th.
  5. An ability to interact with eTextbooks will be coming soon to the Binder app.  Desire2Learn Binder is a powerful and intuitive document reader that enables you to interact with course files right on your Apple iPad.  This allows you to search, bookmark, prioritize, tag, and even annotate your course files.  DDS will host a Tech Talk Tuesday about the D2L Binder on December 3rd.

The D2L Fusion 2013 conference was one of the most energizing conferences I have attended in recent years.  In addition to numerous exciting product advances, I also attended excellent keynotes and leadership sessions.  Keep reading the DDS blog for more on those sessions.

By Wendy Lampner,

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