Highlights from FUSION 2014 – Brightspace

Desire2Learn recently held their annual users conference, called FUSION, in Nashville, TN. Two of the DDS staff were in attendance, and over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing some of the things we learned.

First and foremost was an announcement on the first day of the conference. Many of you know that the software platform that powers Springboard is actually called Desire2Learn. Desire2Learn, or D2L for short, announced that they were rebranding their software as Brightspace. Here is a snippet from the official press release:

D2L, the EdTech company that created the world’s first truly integrated learning platform (ILP), today announces it is supercharging its ILP by providing groundbreaking new features and partnerships designed to personalize education and eliminate the achievement gap. Available immediately, the D2L ILP provides full integration of its adaptive learning solution (D2L LeaP), more robust analytics, game-based learning, an expanded mobile offering with Windows 8 capabilities and the newest education content all within a single, open platform.

D2L also announced today that its ILP has been branded as Brightspace. The platform is the industry’s most complete solution for integrated learning with support for over 100 new applications being developed each month, gathering together all of D2L’s powerful capabilities.

“A simple LMS no longer addresses the needs of the education market. Organizations and educators need more than a basic productivity tool – they need a platform that makes it easy for them to personalize the learning experience for each student and improve overall outcomes,” said John Baker, President and CEO, D2L. “The Brightspace platform is about transforming learning through technology to help build a brighter future for millions.”

Source: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/d2l-supercharges-its-integrated-learning-platform-with-adaptive-learning-robust-analytics-gamification-windowsr-8-mobile-capabilities-and-the-newest-content-all-delivered-in-the-cloud-2014-07-14-131731911

So, the question is “What does this mean for us?” Well, as it turns out, not much. We will still refer to Springboard as Springboard, but it will now be powered by software referred to as Brightspace. When instructors are looking for test banks, documentation, etc. for our integrated learning platform, those instructors will need to look for Brightspace instead of Desire2Learn going forward.*

In the coming weeks, keep an eye on the DDS blog for more information from FUSION. Wendy and Andy are looking forward to sharing some of the great things that are coming!

More information on Brightspace can be found on the Brightspace Blog.

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