Tip of the Week: Alternative Presentation Tools

Most of us have seen our share of PowerPoint presentations – the good, the bad, the awful. If you’re looking for other options, we’d like to highlight a few alternative presentation tools to PowerPoint that you can embed right inside your Springboard course.


The first presentation tool we’re going to talk about is called Prezi. Of all the alternatives to PowerPoint that we’re going to talk about, Prezi has probably been around the longest. With Prezi, you start with a huge blank canvas where you can add images, text, and video. You can also start with a pre-built template that will automatically format your background, text, colors, etc. As you add things to the canvas, you can then add ‘frames’ around certain areas or objects. These frames will allow you to build a path through your presentation, focusing on various important areas or points. Prezi also supports audio, so you can add your own voiceovers. There is a free version, along with a few different subscription options. To learn more, sign up for an account and then visit the Getting Started page. Here is a great example of a well-polished Prezi: http://prezi.com/oopubqldmd6i/syria-the-basics/


Slides is another great alternative to PowerPoint. The main thing that Slides has going for it is its simplicity. When you create a Slides presentation, you can add text, images… and that’s about it. The transitions between slides are very elegant and clean. Slides also allows you to build presentations out different directions – rather than having a linear set of slides that stretches out forever, you could build main points out to the right, and delve deeper into those topics by building slides ‘down’. Like Prezi, Slides also has a free version and a paid subscription available. You can sign up for an account here. A great example can be found here: http://slides.com/renguray/open-educationopen-access/embed

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is very similar to Slides, in that slides are restricted to text and images. However, Haiku Deck allows you to search for Creative Commons licensed background images that are extremely high resolution. Simply type in a keyword while building your slide deck, and you can select from a massive collection of beautiful background images to help you get your point across. Haiku Deck is completely free, but all decks you create are freely available for viewing. Likewise, you are free to view other users’ decks for inspiration. To get started, sign up for a Haiku Deck account here. Here is an example of a finished Haiku Deck (bonus – it has tips for developing presentations!): https://www.haikudeck.com/the-ten-commandments-of-presentations-events-presentation-6ZRIIz8O7v

With all of these tools (along with many, many others), you can embed your finished product into a page, news item, etc. in your Springboard course. More information on embedding media in Springboard can be found on this previous Tip of the Week.

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