Tip of the Week: Course Merges

Are you an instructor that teaches multiple sections of the same course or an undergraduate/graduate split course? Are you tired of uploading content and entering grades for all of those individual sections? If so, then a course merge is exactly what you need!

When courses are merged, here is what happens:

  1. A new course shell is created for the merged course. We try to name the shell so that it encompasses the original titles of the individual courses, but you can certainly change the title to suit your needs.
  2. The students and instructor from the individual sections are removed from those sections.
  3. The students and instructor are then enrolled in the new merged course shell. Any drops or adds will take place within the merged course shell.
  4. Students are added into automatically-created groups based on the individual section they were enrolled in. This allows the instructor to still view only a certain section of students while grading, for example.

Let’s take a look at an example. In this image, we have two separate sections of the same course on our Springboard homepage –

separate listings

These courses are prime candidates to be merged together. So how do we get them merged? Simply send an email to support@uakron.edu to open a Footprints ticket. Be sure to include the full course number, including department, course, and section number, for each course you would like to have merged. You’ll receive an email confirmation once your courses are scheduled to be merged – this typically occurs during a process that runs overnight.

Once the course merge has been completed, this is what we end up with –
merged listing

By default, if we look at the Classlist of our brand new 001/002 section, we will see all of the students from both sections. However, we can filter based on a certain group if we need to.

A few important things to note:

  • Since a new course shell is created during the merge process, Springboard staff will need to copy any existing course materials from the individual sections over to the merged course. If you have materials in your course(s) before requesting the merge, this will extend the amount of time it takes before your course is ready for students.
  • While course materials can be copied to the new merged course, student submissions and progress cannot. Any student submissions, discussion posts, quiz attempts, etc., will not be copied to the merged course.
  • More frequently asked questions can be found in this document.
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