Tip of the Week: Dropbox Event Log

Have you ever accidentally deleted a dropbox folder full of student submissions? Don’t worry, you certainly aren’t alone! Previously, the process of restoring a dropbox folder required intervention by Desire2Learn. With the Dropbox Event Log, you can restore deleted dropbox folders yourself!

To access the Dropbox Event Log –

  1. Navigate to your course in Springboard.
  2. Click Dropbox.
  3. Click More Actions.
  4. Select Event Log from the list of options.


The Event Log displays a list of dropbox folders that have been created and deleted within that course. All actions are listed with a date and time stamp, the action that was performed, and the person that performed the action. To restore a deleted dropbox folder, simply click on the Restore button next to the desired folder in the list. Any submissions associated with that folder are automatically restored with the folder.


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