Tip of the Week – Editing a Navbar

As an instructor, you’re probably pretty familiar with the tools that are available on the default course navigation bar (navbar for short). We think we’ve done a good job of incorporating most of the commonly-used tools in Springboard on the default navbar, but every course and instructor is different. It is possible as an instructor to change the navbar in your course(s) to remove tools you don’t need, and even add more tools that you may not have known about!

One thing to note before we start – it is possible to create a brand new navbar, but we would not recommend it. A new navbar is essentially a blank slate; none of the links you’re used to seeing will be listed, and it is a little tedious to replace everything. For this process, we will show you how to make a copy of the existing default navbar, and make changes to the copy.

  1. Navigate to your course in Springboard.
  2. Click Edit Course.
  3. Click Navigation & Themes.
  4. You should see several navbars listed, with one marked as the default. Click on the dropdown arrow next to this navbar.
  5. Click Copy.
  6. Click on the title of the copied navbar.
  7. Update the Name of the navbar.
  8. To add tools:
    1. Click the Add Links button.
    2. Place a checkmark next to the tool(s) you would like to add.
    3. Click Add.
  9. To remove a tool:
    1. Place your mouse cursor over the tool.
    2. Click the X in the top-right corner of the tool.
  10. To move a tool:
    1. Click and drag the tool to the desired location.
  11. When finished, click Save and Close.
  12. Select your newly-created navbar from the Active Navbar dropdown menu.
  13. Click Apply.
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