Tip of the Week: Embedding Media

Many instructors like to incorporate various types of media in their courses – things like YouTube videos, interactive presentations, Flickr collections, and many more. While it’s fine to point to these objects with a simple link, wouldn’t it be great to have these types of media embedded directly within your Springboard course?

In Springboard, it’s possible to embed media anywhere that the HTML editor is present. This includes pages in Content, News items, Discussion messages, Dropbox instructions, etc. To embed a piece of media on a page in Springboard:

  1. Navigate to the media object you would like to embed. In this example, we’re going to embed a YouTube video.
  2. Locate the embed code for the object. Typically this is listed under the “Share” option.


  3. Highlight the embed code, and copy the full text (Ctrl-C in Windows, Command-C in Mac).
  4. Navigate to the area where you would like to embed the media in Springboard. In this example, we’re going to embed our YouTube video into a News item.
  5. Edit the item (or create a new one).
  6. Click the Insert Stuff button.


  7. Click Enter Embed Code.
  8. Paste the copied embed code into the Embed Code text field (Ctrl-V in Windows, Command-V in Mac).


  9. Verify that the preview looks correct. If so, click Insert.


  10. Save the item.
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