Tip of the Week: Release Conditions

Of all the lesser-known features of Springboard, release conditions are likely one of the most useful. With release conditions, instructors can selectively release materials to students based on activities that they have completed in other areas of the course.

Release conditions can be placed on a wide variety of items, including Content, News items, Dropbox folders, Quizzes, and many others. As an example, let’s say we want to restrict students from seeing our first module in Content until they’ve viewed the syllabus. Our current setup looks like this:


To set up a release condition based on students viewing the syllabus, here are the steps we’ll take –

  1. Click Module 1 from the navigation on the left.
  2. Click Add dates and restrictions.
  3. Beneath the Release Conditions heading, click Create.
  4. Select the Condition Type – in this case, we’ll choose Content Topic visited.
  5. Select the Condition Details – in this case, we’ll choose Syllabus from the Topic dropdown menu.
  6. Click Create.
  7. Click Update.

Note: Once a user meets a release condition, the condition is cleared for that user and cannot be reset. For example, if you attach a release condition to a discussion topic requiring users to achieve more than 60% on a quiz before they can access that topic, and one of your participants receives 72% on the quiz but you adjust their grade to 55% they will be able to access the topic because they did meet the requirement at some point.

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