WebEx Update on September 5

On September 5, Cisco will be updating WebEx to version 29.8. Included in this release are several highly anticipated changes, namely:

  • Updated interface for Meeting Center
  • WebEx Productivity Tools for Mac
  • Audio improvements for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android clients

Also included in this release are some performance-related improvements. Depending on computer speed and bandwidth, your participants will be able to join meetings in the new version up to 30% faster!

For more information on the new Meeting Center interface, please visit the following links:

The upgrade will take place on September 5 between 10pm and 2:59am EDT. You should not experience any interruptions in service during the upgrade, but any meetings that take place after the upgrade will be on the new version. The first time you join a session, you will be automatically prompted to install the new version of the WebEx client.

If you are experiencing interruptions with any Cisco WebEx services, please call the WebEx Help Desk at +1-866-229-3239. You may also open a ticket online at https://www.webex.com/support/support-overview.html.

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