Workaround for Discussion Internal Error

Recently we have had students report an issue with accessing a particular Discussion topic. In all of these cases, the issue has been with a file that a student has attached to a post. These files have contained non-standard characters (such as #, &, |, etc.). In an update on March 24, this issue will be addressed by preventing any filenames with non-standard characters. However, in the meantime, we do have a workaround.

  1. Navigate to your course in Springboard.
  2. Select Discussions.
  3. Select Settings in the top-right corner.
  4. Under the Personal Display heading, select the Grid View setting.
  5. Select Save.

This will change your Discussion settings to use the old-style of viewing Discussions. Again, this issue will be resolved in version 10.3 on March 24, and at that time the new style of Discussions will take effect once again.

More information on Discussion settings can be found here:

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