ALERT: New Assignments are Hidden By Default

Instructors can now set the visibility state to hidden on Assignments. When content is in a draft state, it is not visible to students.

Important alert: When an instructor creates a new assignment folder, the new folder defaults to the hidden visibility state. The vendor’s rationale is that this is what has always been the case for Quizzes, Surveys, and Discussions so they are trying to be consistent.

New assignments are HIDDEN by default. There is a checkbox on the restrictions tab.

New assignments are HIDDEN by default

There is a new hidden icon on assignments. The context menu also has a new option to Make Visible to Users.

New hidden icon and Make visible menu option on assignments

New hidden icon and Make visible menu option

If you import or copy your course from another course, the state of the assignment will be copied. For example, if the assignment is set to visible in the source course, it will be visible in the destination course.

You can read more about this in the release notes for version 10.7.4

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