Ronald M. Mottl

Office:  Cuyahoga County – Cuyahoga County Common Pleas

Age: 44

Residence: Parma, OH


Website:; Facebook: Ron Mottl for Judge

Occupation: Attorney/Magistrate

Education: J.D. From Capital University Law School; B.A. from The Ohio State University

Work Experience: Mottl & Mottl, Partner (Since 2005); Middleburg Heights Magistrate (Since 2008); Beachwood Magistrate (Since 2015); Former Assistant Attorney General; Former State Representative

Family: Married with 2 children

Affiliations: Parma Bar Association / Parma Democratic Club / St. Albert the Great Parishioner / Ohio State Athletic Booster

Endorsements: County Council President Dan Brady, Cleveland Councilwoman Dona Brady, Teamsters Local 416 – President Sonny Nardi, IBEW Local 38 – Dennis Meaney Bus. Mgr., State Representative Martin J. Sweeney, Broadview Heights Mayor Sam Alai, Brook Park Mayor Michael D. Gammella, Cuyahoga Heights Mayor Jack Bacci, Independence Mayor Anthony Togliatti, Linndale Mayor Ashlee McLaughlin, N. Royalton Mayor Robert Stefanik, Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter, Parma Heights Mayor Michael Bryne, Former Maple Heights Mayor Santo Incorvaia, Former Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason, Broadview Heights Law Director Vince Ruffa, Parma Law Director and Chief Prosecutor Tim Dobeck, Brook Park City Leader Tony D’Amico, N. Royalton City Leader/Ward 4 Council Paul Marnecheck, Parma City Leader Mickey Vittardi, Parma Heights City Leader Joe Sebes, Strongsville City Leader Dean DePiero, Berea Clerk of Courts Ray Wohl, Brook Park Council President Mike Vecchio, N. Royalton Council President Larry Antoskiewicz, Parma City Council President Sean Brennan, Parma Auditor Brian Day, Parma Treasurer Tom Mastroianni, Parma Clerk of Courts Marty Vittardi, Parma Councilman Al Divis, Parma Heights Councilman Robert Verdell, Law Firm of Jordan & Sidoti – Partner Marcus Sidoti, Law Firm of WinterlTrimacco- Partner Jason Winter, Seven Hills Prosecutor Patrick Dichiro, Linndale Assistant Prosecutor Andy Baker

Bar Association Ratings: N/A

(1) List your judicial experience (courts and years):

Magistrate – Middleburg Heights – 2008 to Present; Magistrate – Beachwood – 2015 to Present

(2) What about your non-judicial legal experience qualifies you to be a judge?

My diverse background as an Ohio Assistant Attorney General, State Representative, Public Defender and Private Practitioner have prepared me and given me invaluable experience and understanding, and insight into the preparation needed to be a Common Pleas Court Judge. My goal in all of these positions has been to help people.

As a State Representative, I authored and passed two bills into law, as a Democrat in the minority party, designed to help people. I authored one of the first rights of privacy bills in the United States in 1997, which removed the Social Security Number from your Ohio Driver’s License. This was in response to 3 different constituents in my district that were victims of crime. The second bill was a probate reform bill designed to increase the amount of assets released from administration for spouses. This bill allowed people to avoid attorney fees, court costs and the precious time it takes to receive the assets from the decedent.

As an Assistant Attorney General, I represented and prosecuted cases for the Ohio Lottery and Ohio BMV and also represented the Ohio Veteran’s Home. I have interacted with people from all walks of life. Every person deserves the same level of representation regardless of their race, religion, gender or financial status. Having represented thousands of indigent and mentally ill clients has allowed me to help a wide spectrum of people. I have had experience writing laws as a State Representative, enforcing the laws as an Ohio Assistant Attorney General, interpreting the law as a Magistrate and defending the law and the rights of the accused as a Criminal Defense Attorney. All of these experiences have provided me with the tools necessary to be an effective Judge.

(3) Why are you running for this particular court seat?

I am running for this seat because I have over thirteen years of experience practicing in this court on a weekly basis. My experience practicing law from many different positions has provided me with a unique perspective. Having had the opportunity to be a Magistrate the last 10 years has been invaluable. My work as an assigned counsel for indigent clients has taught me great compassion. It has reinforced the idea that everyone wants to be treated fairly and with respect. My experience as a State Representative and Ohio Assistant Attorney General have also shaped me and provided me with great insight into working with all different types of personalities. My time spent representing mentally ill clients has been very rewarding.

As a Judge, I would be able to help more people, especially mentally ill people, get the treatment and services they need to return to the community instead of being stuck in jail. All of my work history and experiences have shaped my life and prepared me to become an effective Judge. I grew up in a family that stressed public service and giving back to the community. I have had experience writing laws as a State Representative, I have had experience enforcing the laws as an Ohio Assistant Attorney General, I have had experience interpreting the law as a Magistrate and I have had experiencing defending the law and the rights of the accused as a criminal defense attorney. All of these experiences have provided me with the tools necessary to be an effective Judge.

If elected, I would like to expand the number of mental health court judges. Currently, only 4 out of 34 judges are mental health court judges. I would like to expand this number to account for the growing number of people suffering from mental health issues. Secondly, I support bail reform. There are far too many non-violent offenders spending unnecessary time in jail. I would encourage the Court to use a Risk Assessment formula to evaluate the likelihood a defendant would return to Court for trial or commit a crime if released. This system would keep more non-violent offenders out of jail. I believe that as Judge, I would have an opportunity to help more people throughout our county. I could help those who have fallen off a good path and help them return to being productive citizens.