Volunteers needed for Street Law – earn community service hours

Volunteers are needed for a Street Law event for high school students from throughout Summit County. This is a great event for those students and a great opportunity for us to provide service that is right up our alley.

 This year’s event is on Monday, April 29, at the Inn at Quaker Square. The law students will lead small group discussions. The organizers provide brief descriptions of several topics. The students (ideally in groups of no more than 8) sit at tables.  They discuss three issues over 1 ½ hours, led by attorneys, law students, and law school faculty. The discussion leaders move from table to table in a round-robin format.

 The discussions will occur at approx. 9:45-11:15 on Monday, April 29.

 Please let me know whether you can help: ab139@uarkon.edu