CPPO has just learned that the Air Force JAG corps will be hiring 80 -100 new JAGs this year. Applications due March 15. Read instructions below.


The Air Force JAG Corps is hiring between 80-100 new JAGs this year.  Our next Direct Appointment Program (DAP) selection board for third-year law students (full-time) will occur in April.  Please inform interested 3Ls who may wish to apply.  The due date for applications is March 15. Eligibility requirements: 

 .Must be a citizen of the United States

.Must be on track to graduate from (i.e. 3L), or a recent graduate of, an

ABA-approved law school Juris Doctor program

.Must be commissioned before the age of 35

.If selected, must complete and pass an Air Force medical examination and obtain admission to practice in the highest court of any U.S. state, commonwealth, territory or the District of Columbia.

 Application instructions:

 As a 3L, you may apply for the Direct Appointment Program (DAP).  Your selection would be contingent on you obtaining your law license and passing a medical qualification screening.

 Our next DAP selection board will occur in April 2013.  To apply, you will need to accomplish the application materials and do a Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) interview at an Air Force Base.  An SJA is the JAG in charge of any given Air Force base legal office.  You must submit your application materials to the SJA with whom you interview.  The SJA, in turn, will send your application materials, along with a brief write up of your interview, to our office at HQ by 1 April.  To afford the SJA adequate time to submit your application by 1 April, we require that you schedule your interview by 15 March. I recommend getting everything done earlier than 15 March because SJA interview schedules tend to fill up around that time.

 Application materials can be accessed here (also available in the Career Planning Office):


 Interview locations (with phone numbers) can be accessed here:


 Please review the application materials and let us know if you have any questions (1-800-JAG-USAF).  The first link above opens a PDF file that has your checklist and embedded forms you will need to complete.  Embedded Form 125 is N/A if you are not a former or current military member (active or reserve). The second link above opens a PDF file that lists all the bases (along with their respective phone numbers) to help you determine the most convenient base to contact for your interview. Remember, you will be submitting your application materials to the SJA with whom you interview.

If you schedule the interview for earlier than 15 March (recommended), be sure to give yourself adequate time to complete your application materials by the interview date.  NOTE:  MAC computers tend to have compatibility issues; we are working out those issues.  In the meantime, we recommend accessing the above links with a PC.

 If you are selected, you must pass a medical qualification screening.  Once you have passed your medical qualification screening and completed your legal licensing requirements, you are able to enter active duty beginning with your initial officer training at Commissioned Officer Training (COT). After COT, you will attend your initial JAG training at the JAG School (the Judge Advocate Staff Officer Course or JASOC).  Learn more about COT and JASOC here:  http://www.airforce.com/jag/careers/JAG_training.  Your initial service commitment is 4 years active duty. 

For more information about the JAG Corps, please visit www.airforce.com/jag or http://www.jagusaf.hq.af.mil/. Feel free to give us a call at 1-800-JAG-USAF if you have any questions.

 Point of Contact:


Office of The Judge Advocate General


Chief, Recruiting Branch