Important information regarding Biodiversity, Climate Change & Renewable Energy in Summer 2013

Biodiversity, Climate Change, and Renewable Energy: Emerging Legal IssuesIntersession I

This course has no prerequisites and is open to all students, including first year students.

What do lawmakers, real estate developers, energy companies, urban planners, land managers, and industrial regulated parties all have in common?  They all face a major turning point in our relationship with the plant – changes in the climate, sea level rise, rapidly evolving biodiversity needs, and a boom in renewable energy and natural gas extraction, both of which face conflicts with endangered species protection – a turning point that is beginning to alter the options available to each within their respective fields.  This course will cover biodiversity law, climate change law, and the emerging relationship between the two.  We will then proceed to review the various areas of renewable energy (which, of course, is a favored avenue toward climate mitigation), as well as the newly revamped hydraulic fracturing technology, all through the lens of conflicts with the Endangered Species Act (ESA) that are hindering development in these areas.  We will discuss ways in which the move toward renewable energy can be accomplished without butting heads with the rather fierce ESA.  The text for the course is THE LAW OF BIODIVERSITY AND ECOSYSTEM MANAGEMENT (Foundation Press University Casebook Series, Third Edition, John Copeland Nagle, J.B.Ruhl & Kalyani Robbins, eds.).