Room Availability During Exam Week

In an effort to provide more study space for students, we are making available to you the times that each of our classrooms is available for your use. There will be no official process by which you will be able to reserve these rooms, and availability is subject to change without notice. Additionally, if you choose to study in one of these rooms, please be out by the time it is marked as unavailable (blacked out). If needed, the Dean’s Office may need to ask you to leave a classroom at any time.

Please note: This is informational only. We will not reserve classrooms for study use. If you find one that is available and empty, you are welcome to use it. You must, however, vacate the room in plenty of time before it is marked as unavailable.

The sheet for each room will also be posted at the door of the classroom, and every effort will be made to update the sheets posted at the door. The copy that is posted here will not be updated, so please defer to the sheets posted at each door.  Please click on the below link to the room availability sheets.

Exam Time and Study Time availability sheets