Free Westlaw Printing Ends in May

Free Westlaw printing for The University of Akron law students, faculty and staff will end in May.  Westlaw is removing their printers from all law schools in the United States.  You can still print from Westlaw by sending your print jobs to the law school’s network printers or to your personal printer.

There are new features in WestlawNext that should help you transition from paper to a more ‘green’ digital world.  Electronic file sharing is common in law firms so developing good habits now as a law student helps in preparing you for the work world.

Use folders to save all your work and easily share with fellow Akron law students or faculty. Your folders are located in WestlawNext in the upper right corner.  Your saved material in the folders is automatically updated by Westlaw and always reflects current law.  There is no limit in the number of documents you can save in your folders.

If you forget to save your research in a folder, don’t worry.  Your research history is automatically saved for one year; including all document views and searches.  You can also search within your history or use filters to find specific documents.

If Westlaw is removing their printers, what about Lexis?
Lexis is still committed to supporting their law school printers.  You can still print from Lexis to the free Lexis printer.

Questions?  Please contact Lynn Lenart,, or call 330-972-6357.