Lexis Advance IDs are now the only ID you need to research with LexisNexis

LexisNexis is moving to a single ID system to simplify the way faculty and students access LexisNexis products. You will only need your Lexis Advance ID to use Lexis Advance, lexis.com, Web Courses and the Law School home page.  If you have already registered your Lexis Advance ID, no further action is needed.  If you saved your  Lexis Advance log-in by checking the Remember Me box, you will automatically be logged in to the new LexisNexis for Law Schools web page.  Again, no further action is needed!

The LexisNexis for Law Schools web page is updated with a new “look and feel.”  From the new LexisNexis for Law Schools web page, click on Lexis Advance in the upper left corner to go into Lexis Advance.

What about Lexis.com?
Yes, you can still access Lexis.com. It will be available through Lexis Advance.  After logging into to Lexis Advance, click on the red Research tab in the upper left corner and then select lexis.com.

If you have Alerts set up on Lexis.com, you need to set them up on Lexis Advance to continue receiving updates.

If you do not have a Lexis Advance ID or have questions, please contact Jennifer Durkin  jennifer.durkin@lexisnexis.com.