Reminder on Credit Hour Enrollment Limits

Full-time:        A full-time load is 12 to 16 credit hours each fall and spring semester.

Part-time:      A part-time load is 8 to 10 credits each fall and spring semester.

 ABA Standards limit the maximum number of credits that can be earned in any single semester to 17 credits.  The credit calculation includes all graduate courses approved for law school credit, including those taken with a joint degree.

 Students should report all planned course work taken outside the law school prior to the term of enrollment.  All such work taken during a given semester (including credits that will not be applied toward the JD degree) will be considered with law credits when making determination for overload permission.

 Overloads MUST be approved before the beginning of the semester.  Please submit the Overload Request Form located at: to College Program Specialist Terri Bisesi.  Failure to receive permission could result in non-credit of coursework and reduced or zero refund.