How to Brief a Case

Try this CALI lesson for some practice on briefing a case. Here is a description about the lesson:

“This is an exercise designed to introduce first-semester law students to the basic elements of a typical case “brief” and to teach them general methodology for writing their own briefs. The exercise consists of three parts: (1) an introduction to the purposes and uses of a case brief; (2) a detailed examination of each of the ten components of a typical case brief (with examples); and (3) two actual cases that students are asked to read and then to brief.”
Lesson Completion Time: 2 hours
CALI Password: First year law students- see the Orientation Materials for your CALI password or stop in at the Law Library.
How to find this lesson: Follow this link to CALI and log-in.
Questions?  Contact Lynn Lenart, Assistant Law Librarian for Reference Services.  330-972-6357,, Law Library, second floor, office 269.