Thanks for your help!

The Admissions Office would like to publicly thank the following students for their assistance during Orientation Week, August 19 through 23:

Jasmine Coleman, Joe DelGallo, Brianna Hill, Cathy Nagy, Nikhil Paul, and Shelby Rainier for helping with Check-In on Monday, August 19.

Amanda Smith for doing photography during our icebreaker and dinner on Monday, August 19.

Jess Replogle and Joe DelGallo for leading campus tours.

Dan Boyer, Jess Replogle, Suzanne Schick, and Timothy Weimer for leading law school tours.

Annette Boulard, Hillary Conidi, Casey Davis, Keith Dye, Brianna Hill, and Vinny Sawyer for sitting on the “My First Year” panel.

Annette Boulard, Jenna Bucklew, Christopher Crull, and Steven Kirby (and their spouses) for sitting on the Spouses/Partners/Significant Others panel discussion.

Jessica Peplowski, Elayna Saad, and Rachel Scava for assisting with check-in at the welcome dinner on Friday, 8/23 at the John S. Knight Center.

Jessica Peplowski and Lee Potts for addressing our new students at the welcome dinner.

New student orientation is a huge undertaking, and it wouldn’t work without the help of our students. Thank you all so much for making orientation such a smooth process this year.