Exam Conflict Policy & Procedure

Now that the exam schedule is posted many of you are wondering what constitutes a conflict and when can an exam be rescheduled.  Please refer to the Exam Conflict Policy and Procedure below:

If you have an actual conflict (two exams at the same time), please reschedule one of the exams with a full-time faculty member.  Adjunct faculty should be asked to reschedule only if the conflict is between two courses taught by adjunct faculty.  Often, arrangements can be made for Mrs. Misty Franklin to proctor the exam during a time agreed upon between you and the faculty member.  If you must reschedule for a night or weekend, another faculty member giving an exam at that time will usually proctor.

Consistent with our goal of minimizing the invasion of evening student study time before the Sunday of exams, an evening student who has an exam on both Wednesday December 4 and Friday December 6 has the option to reschedule one of the exams later in exam period, but as soon as possible.  You must make that arrangement with the faculty member giving the exam you wish to reschedule. In addition, a day student who has 3 exams between Wednesday December 4 and Sunday December 7 has the option to reschedule one of the exams for later in the exam period but as soon as possible.  In this way, no student is unduly burdened by the early exam schedule, but may elect to take the exams as scheduled if he or she desires.  Affected students should contact the appropriate faculty member to reschedule.

In the event that a student has three exams scheduled within 25 hours on two calendar days, the student may elect to reschedule one of the exams.  Please reschedule with a full-time faculty member whenever possible.