Keep your profiles up-to-date on Westlaw and Lexis

At least once-a-year law students should update their profiles on Lexis and Westlaw.  Follow the instructions below to access your profiles.  Check your e-mail address and make sure it is the correct address.   The faculty may use the e-mail function in TWEN or Lexis Web Course to send e-mails to their students, but if your address is not correct, you will not receive the e-mail.  Also, verify your graduation date.  You do not want your passwords to expire prematurely.

Here is how you can update your profile on Westlaw and Lexis.

For Westlaw: Log into Westlaw and on the left side of the page next to your name is the UPDATE link.  Click on that link to update your profile.

For Lexis: Log into LexisNexis and under the Settings link at the top right corner, click on My Sign-in Profile.

Questions?  Contact Lynn Lenart, 330-972-6357,  Office 269, Law Library, second floor.