Where Does the Law Come From?

Learn about the structure and function of the 3 branches of the Unites States government, how each branch makes laws and the checks and balances in place that prevent one branch from acquiring too much power.  Take this online interactive tutorial through the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) website.  The University of Akron School of Law provides access to CALI for our law students.  There are over 900 lessons and drills covering substantive legal topics and legal skills.

Even if you are comfortable with how our law is made, it might be wise to work through this short review.  It is a very fast lesson and, like all of the CALI lessons, you learn a lot without realizing it.

Lesson Completion Time: 30 minutes
CALI Password: First year law students- see the Orientation packet for your CALI password or stop in at the Law Library.
How to find this lesson: Follow this link to CALI and log-in.
Questions?  Contact Lynn Lenart, Assistant Law Librarian for Reference Services.  330-972-6357, llenart@uakron.edu, Law Library, second floor, office 269.