Gurovich, Berk & Associates Scholarship Opportunity

$500 Scholarship Opportunity.  This will be our 2nd annual scholarship to help support students with aiding in costly educational expenses. 

The selection committee will choose and notify the scholarship winner on the last week of February, 2018. The check will be made payable directly to the award recipient. The $500 scholarship must be used for tuition or other school-related expenses. 

Deadline for the submission of applications is on February 15, 2018.

Only applications submitted electronically through the form will be considered.

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Whitmarsh Family Law, PC Scholarship Opportunity

Opportunity for a $1,500 Scholarship!

Michael Whitmarsh is proudly offering a scholarship for students attending school in the fall of 2018 as either a pre law undergraduate or a first-year law student. This scholarship is intended to help cover the cost of education and related expenses. The recipient must be a US citizen or authorized to work in the US, accepted and attending school in the Fall of 2018 and must have at least a 3.0 GPA in order to be considered.

All applications are due on or before February 15, 2018.

All details may be found here.

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Binder & Associates Scholarship Opportunity

Binder & Associates is awarding a $1500 scholarship to one qualified student who plans to become an attorney. Pre law undergraduates and students entering law school anywhere in the United States are eligible. The scholarship is meant to help defray the costs of tuition or other related expenses. 

Applications must be submitted on or before – February 15, 2018.

Only applications submitted electronically will be considered.  All details may be found here.


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The Law Firm for Family Law Scholarship Opportunity

Gary Williams, founder of The Law Firm for Family Law, is pleased to announce a scholarship available to students anticipating attending school in the fall of 2018 as either a pre law undergraduate or first year law student. The $500 scholarship is intended to help defray expenses for students that have been accepted into a school anywhere in the United States.


*             Applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the said scholarship:

*             Recipient is a U.S. citizen or otherwise authorized to work in the United States

*             Recipient is accepted, and will either be attending school as a pre law undergraduate or entering law school in the fall of 2018

*             Academic achievement as reflected by a cumulative minimum 3.0 GPA


*             Applicants must submit the following requirements by February 15th, 2018

*             A completed resume

*             One to three (1-3) page typed essay on the topic of students choice related to the area of law they intend to pursue

*             A complete copy of school transcripts

*             An acceptance letter from a school within the United States

*             Proof of legal residency in the U.S. (i.e., birth certificate, passport, permanent resident card, etc.- Social Security Card will not be accepted.)


*             Scholarship is to be used exclusively for school tuition and related expenses.

*             A check for $500 will be made payable to the award recipient’s directly to cover these expenses.

*             Recipient is expected to submit receipts in accordance with IRS regulations.

*             Scholarship award recipient will be notified of the selection on or about February 28, 2018.


Completed applications must be submitted, through the form below, no later than February 15, 2018.

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ChoiceInspire Review Writing Contest

The name of this Scholarship Program is: “Choiceinspire Review Writing Contest”.

Here is a URL to our Scholarship:


In order to participate in the scholarship contest, application must meet the following criteria.

  • Must be currently attending or planning to attend a college or university.
  • Must be in good academic standing with your current educational institution.
  • For applicants under 18, you must have permission from a parent or legal guardian.
  • Must apply to the contest via email and provide your name, address, and the name of the institution you are attending or plan to attend.
  • Must provide your written essay (PDF format preferred) by the deadline of May 20th 2018.
  • A winner will be chosen on [31st May 2018]
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