New Organization – Young American’s for Liberty!

I am happy to announce the restart of Akron’s chapter of Young Americans for Liberty! My name is Anthony Palumbo, an incoming student at Akron’s School of Law, and I will be serving as the President of the Akron chapter of Young Americans for Liberty, (YAL) in the fall.
Young Americans for Liberty is a pro-liberty student organization with over 600 chapters across the United States. Begun in 2008, it is dedicated to defending the principles of individual liberty, free markets, constitutional limits on government, and a non-interventionist foreign policy, on college campuses across the United States. It performs this mission by various educational events and drives that educate communities about key principles and ideas. These key issues include: 1. the national security state and its violations of human liberty, 2. the national debt and its chokehold on American youth, and, 3. America’s destructive foreign policy, and the problems it causes at home and abroad. YAL is active in organizing speaking events, providing educational materials, training for campaign drives, and many other efforts to mobilize America’s college campuses.
If interested in joining Akron’s chapter, please email me at or by phone or text message at 330-933-4976. I would love to be in contact with interested members of YAL before the start of the fall academic semester. In addition to the Akron chapter of YAL, you may become a member of YAL national, at $10 per year. By becoming a member of YAL National, you get a t-shirt and a subscription to YAL’s quarterly magazine, Young American Revolution, at no additional costs. If interested in joining YAL National, please go to or go to and find Akron’s chapter by going to “Ohio.” I am excited to start Akron’s chapter of YAL, and would love to meet interested members!

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The Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF) is seeking Officers for its Executive Board

SALDF is currently seeking several officers for its executive board including a Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. There is a possibility to add a couple more positions such as 1L and/or 2L representatives, if there is enough interest. SALDF is dedicated to preventing animal cruelty and advancing animal welfare through the legal system. In the past, SALDF has done a cutest pet contest and a puppy and kitty day. We are hoping to bring these events back and have several ideas for new events. If you have any questions about SALDF or if you are interested in becoming an officer, please contact Amanda Morris, President, at

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Law School Softball Team — Wilson’s Warriors

      The Law School is looking to have a co-ed softball team this summer.  Dean Wilson will lead the charge and Prof. Spring will help with the administrative functions.   We have won two championships in recent years.  If we want to play in the First Session we need to register and have a roster together by May 20th.   The First Session games will be Wednesdays at either 5 or 6 pm starting May 27th.  It is recognized that this conflicts with some of our summer classes but hopefully we can prevail on the scheduler to give us more 5 pm games that will be over in time for team members to attend class afterward (games last approximately one hour) and we will have enough players to fill in.   

       The Intramural Office strictly enforces its rules and someone cannot just show up and play.  If you want to play you need to be on the roster and meet the eligibility requirements (set out below) before the first game.  If you want to play please email and indicate your relative level of experience.  We have been competitive (the leagues aren’t that good) with a mix of talent and experience in the past and everyone is welcome.  It is good fun that is very collegial and it is hoped that we will have plenty of participants to field a team.  The eligibility standards are:

Students enrolled in summer classes, in at least one (1) credit in any academic summer session(s)

Students not enrolled in summer classes, but who have purchased a full SRWC Membership for the summer

Students not enrolled in summer classes, but who are returning for Fall 2015 credits (and were also enrolled in Spring 2015) who purchase a Summer Intramural Pass for $5

Full-time Staff/Faculty

NOTE: Students who graduate May 2015, or incoming students new to UA for Fall 2015, will NOT be eligible to participate.

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Tuesday April 21st, between 4-8pm only: if you purchase Chipotle (at 272 E Exchange St, Akron, OH 44304) AND notify your cashier that you wish to support the IPTLA, then a percentage of your purchase will be donated to our organization.

Supporters can notify their cashier by showing the cashier our flyer, by verbally communicating support for the IPTLA, or by showing an image of our flyer on a mobile device.
There is a flyer attached to this announcement. Flyers are also posted around the law school, they were e-mailed to IPTLA members, and they can be found on multiple Akron Law facebook pages.
Please direct any questions to Jessica Fross:”

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Canned Immunity THIS WEEK

Need a break from being called on in class? Buy yourself some immunity!
Each ticket is good for one class period and must be given to your professor before class begins. You can “buy” a ticket by donating two canned goods or donating $1.

More information about when tickets can be purchased and what professors are participating can be found here: FlyerSpring2015.docx

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