Prefinals Week Schedule

Monday, December 4


When Where What
All Day Bierce Lobby Mural Coloring
 8 am – Bierce Lobby Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
12pm-2pm Bierce Lobby Therapy Dogs (Brody, Cowboy)
Afternoon Bierce Lobby MakerStudio activity (buttons)
8 pm – close Bierce/S&T Coffee



Tuesday, December 5


When Where What
All Day Bierce Lobby Mural Coloring
12pm-2pm Bierce Lobby Therapy Dogs (Brady, Vegas)
8 pm – close Bierce/S&T Coffee
8 pm- Bierce PB&J Deli



Wednesday, December 6


When Where What
All Day Bierce Lobby Mural Coloring
8 am – Bierce Lobby Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
12pm-2pm Bierce Lobby Therapy Dogs (Ben, Norman)
8 pm – close Bierce/S&T Coffee



Thursday, December 7


When Where What
All Day Bierce Lobby Mural Coloring
12pm-2pm Bierce Lobby Therapy Dogs (Owen, Makenna, Haku)
Afternoon Bierce Lobby MakerStudio activity (buttons)
8 pm – close Bierce/S&T Coffee



Friday, December 8


When Where What
All Day Bierce Lobby Mural Coloring
12pm-2pm Bierce Lobby Therapy Dogs (Gracie, Benson, Coconut)
8 am – Bierce Lobby Krispy Kreme Doughnuts


Updates and New Stuff for Fall

Based on feedback gathered during space study surveys in the Spring, we’ve updated and upgraded several services and programs for students this fall.

Highlights include:

  • MakerStudio Move Relocated to the ground floor of Bierce, the expanded MakerStudio is a great place to explore and work collaboratively
  • Media Collection Featured on First Floor Browse the DVDs, CDs and newspapers in their new location in the first floor Learning Commons in Bierce
  • Refreshed Study Rooms Each study room in Bierce got a new coat of paint and freshly cleaned carpets
  • New Equipment for Lending More calculators, cameras, tripods, and fresh laptops for checkout
  • New Furniture One person tables and new chairs for quiet individual study on the 3rd floor of Bierce and bean bags on the ground floor. Plus four mobile whiteboards on the 2nd and 3rd floor.
  • New Lockers at the Science and Technology Library. Program your own code and use one of the nine lockers throughout the day.
  • New Learning Management System Brightspace, formerly Springboard, is our upgraded web-based course management system.
  • New Series of Events Gather @ the Library is a series of events curated by the University Libraries. Weekly events range from workshops and author talks to discussions.

Gather @ the Library Series

We’re launching the Gather @ the Library series this Fall. This is a series of events curated by the University Libraries to help campus share strategies, progress and companionship all in a low-stress environment. Weekly events will feature workshops, author talks, and discussions.

Check out the line-up: GatherFall2017

DeChambeau Published

Dr. Aimee L DeChambeau, UL Dean’s Office

It is exciting to announce that an article Aimee co-authored with Sue Ramlo has just been published online:

deChambeau, A. L. , & Ramlo, S. E. (2016). STEM High School Teachers’ Views of Implementing PBL: An Investigation Using Anecdote Circles. Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-Based Learning, 11(1).

Available at:

Nice work, Aimee!




deChambeau Chapter Published

Aimée deChambeau, Ph.D., Interim Dean

Congratulations to Aimée deChambeau who recently had a chapter in the following book published.

deChambeau, Aimee. (2017). The practice of being a student: CoPs and graduate student success. In Jacquie McDonald & Aileen Cater-Steel (Eds.), Implementing Communities of Practice in Higher Education: Dreamers and Schemers (395-422). Singapore: Springer.



Faculty instructions for SelectedWorks

The following instructions on how to load a CV to will be distributed to faculty. They are also available on the following LibGuide:

Faculty: How to Upload your CV to SelectedWorks

Every faculty member should have a “SelectedWorks” home page.

Find your SelectedWorks page by visiting the SelectedWorks Gallery at

Once you find your SelectedWorks page, select “Login” from the menu in the upper right. Your SelectedWorks page is associated with your UA email account. You must use your UA email address to log in and edit your page.

If you have never logged into your SelectedWorks page, use the “Forgot your password?” link to reset the password.

There may be content on your SelectedWorks page that you did not add. If so, it was taken from your department’s website by the student assistants who created your page. Regardless, you are now free to edit this page as much as you like.

To upload your CV, look in the “About” tab for the second item, “Curriculum Vitae.” If you hover your mouse on this section, boxes will appear to let you to upload, remove, or replace a file. Upload your CV here. You do not need to create a new CV for your SelectedWorks page; simply update and upload whatever CV you use for communicating your accomplishments to your department and others in your discipline. It is best if you save and upload your CV file as a PDF file, as PDF is the only file format that will display the same on all screens and platforms.

Questions can be referred to Dr. Jon Miller, Director, University Press (mjon [at] uakron [dot] edu)

Easier than Ever to Book Rooms in Bierce

Booking study rooms and learning studios in Bierce Library got a much needed upgrade!

Over the summer, Paul and the Access Services staff moved all our student booking of Bierce Library study rooms from the Sierra platform to the LibCal platform. We believe the LibCal platform will be more user-friendly and require less staff time to manage.

At the beginning of this semester, we started moving our mediated booking (Learning Studios) bookings to LibCal as well. As of yesterday, Don will be approving all Learning Studio bookings via LibCal only (thanks Don!). The links on our website have been updated and hopefully you’ll find the experience to be seamless and much simpler.

This is the direct link for booking a learning studio: 

If you have questions about how the system works, please contact Paul x6986 or Stephanie x7224.



Everett Awarded Two National Scholarships

Stephanie Dawson Everett was recently awarded two significant national scholarships towards the completion of a Masters of Library and Information Science (MLIS) degree.

The American Library Association (ALA) selected Stephanie as a 2015-2016 Spectrum Scholar awarding her with a one-year, non-renewable award of $5,000 in scholarship funds and reserving $1,500 for her participation in ALA and the 2016 Annual Conference in Orlando, FL. She was designated as the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Scholar in this year’s Spectrum cohort.

She was also selected as an Association of Research Libraries (ARL) 2015-17 Diversity Scholar. This honor provides a financial award of up to $10,000 towards tuition and expenses to attend the 2016 ARL Leadership Institute Symposium held in Boston. Additional award benefits include a site visit to a sponsored research library, $2,500 for professional development, and a student membership in a professional organization.

Both scholarships seek to increase the number of racially and ethnically diverse professionals in the field of library and information science to best position libraries at the core of today’s culturally diverse communities. Selections were made based on the applicant’s commitment to diversity, commitment to entering the library profession, demonstrated community outreach, academic ability and achievements, and leadership potential.

Stephanie is currently pursuing the Library Management track at Kent State University’s School of Library and Information Science. She expects to complete her MLIS in the fall of 2016.