Cigna Foundation: Grants Program

Deadline: Decisions are made on an ongoing basis; there is no deadline for receipt of applications, although all funds are distributed on an annual basis by November 30th. Programs applying for a grant after October 15 cannot expect to receive funding until the next calendar year.

Please contact ORA if a sponsor requires that a proposal must be submitted by an entity with a particular tax status or if you plan to submit to a foundation. ORA will determine if the proposal should be submitted as a sponsored project or through the foundation.

Potential grantees will be expected to demonstrate how their activities positively impact one of these areas: Promoting Wellness: Building awareness, helping people manage their health challenges and making health services available and affordable for all; Expanding Opportunities: Reaching across barriers – be they based on gender, ethnicity or physical condition – to tap the talents of every person; Developing Leaders: Supporting the type of community service that gives talented individuals the experience to become future leaders; Embracing Communities: Connecting neighbors to create networks that will address the complex social and environmental challenges we all face.