Research for Lunch: Dr. Patrick Chura

Dr. Patrick Chura, Professor of English, will present “Ten Days That Shook Lithuania” from noon – 1 p.m. on Wednesday, October 23, 2013 in the Student Union, Room 308.

Professor Chura’a research analyzes the complicated political impact of the 1988 Atgaiva drama festival, the first Lithuanian drama festival to take place outside the austere restrictions of Soviet censorship.

The word Atgaiva means renewal or revitalization. Each of the nine plays presented at the Atgaiva festival expressed some form of anti-Soviet protest and carried liminal messages about the captive position of colonized cultures under Soviet hegemony.  Studied in its entirety as a unified narrative, the festival may be read as a declaration of Lithuanian cultural independence from the Soviet Union that preceded the country’s political declaration of independence by some fifteen months.  Because several of the festival’s plays displayed or debated the influence of the United States, the project also illuminates meaningful relationships among American culture, Lithuanian culture, and anti-Soviet dissent.

Bring your lunch and meet Dr. Chura, learn about his research and show support for one of your colleagues. RSVP Kelly Ruszkiewicz, ORA, x8232 or by email